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Confirmation of cable speed?

I've just connected with Telstra and the Telstra Air bundle, cable internet using an Ethernet cable through my modem.
I know there's already a lot of discussion regarding the speed of cable internet and how it's affected throughout the day.
I'm just curious if there is any way to get something in writing from Telstra saying 'Your speed within these times will be a minimum of (X).'
Have had slow speeds with TPG for the last few years while my friends bully me about Telstra being superior compared to my miserable download speeds. Moved house and decided to change to Telstra to join the elite, but I got home from work this evening (Saturday around 7pm) and my download speed is peaking around 700kb/s.
I was really hoping for better speeds than that. Again I know there a many factors, but I live in Hawthorn, an inner city Melbourne suburb, and it's nearly 2018. Would be nice if my 'average' game download didn't take 10+ hours.

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Re: Confirmation of cable speed?

Telstra makes no written guarantees besides what the government has labelled as what is considered broadband internet

(256k 70% of the time or something along those lines)


Thart being said 700kbps   on telstra cable does seem low unless there is a fault or a congested CMTS (which isn't common anymore)


This a new telstra HFC connection? not NBN HFC?

What speed plan are you on?


What type of mode/setup is is (Single black telstra cable modem/router (c3100d or c6300bd) or the two box modem + separate gateway (cm450 + gateway)?



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