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Connection Problems

Hi  I am having issues with slow internet/lag in gaming and dropouts since December 2013.  After many hours on the phone with Telstra it is no better.  We have changed the gateway, taken the internet off the phone line and connected it to the fax line.  Tried troubleshooting and isolating but still not good.  Technician came out and could not find anything wrong.  My desktop is connected with cable, all others in the house are WiFi.  We are having trouble with all of them.  Speedtests reveal download speeds between 0.60 and 5.14 throughout the day and night when we can get it to work.  I have phoned Nortons and they have checked and they advised this is not causing the issues.  Gateway icons continually flash and Eco light goes red when we loose the internet and then comes back on.  Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Connection Problems

Hi De-Lux
Welcome to CrowdSupport. It's disappointing to hear that you've had ongoing issues with your internet service.

It would be worth checking if your service is affected by congestion causing slow speed. Replies on this post: deal with the issue in detail. One of the excel links on it lists the exchanges affected by congestion. Since exchange upgrades require a fair bit of time and money, immediate resolutions for such problems are rare.

If your service is not affected by congestion and the above doesn't apply then further checks would be required.
As you might be aware things that can affect ADSL include Distance from the exchange to your premises, Devices on the line such as B2B alarms etc can affect both speed and service quality.


It's also important to make sure that devices like modem, filters and cabling are suitable for use with an ADSL2+ service and so would be a good idea to troubleshoot the issue with an isolation test.

This knowledge base provides detailed info on how to perform an isolation test and once done can help identify the device causing the fault if one exists on the premises.


If that doesn't help we can organize a tech to come out and investigate the issue.


For help with the above or for anything else you can speak to our FOH faults team on 133 933 or via Live Chat:



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