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Connection dropping off, ssid doesn't show

Connected to nbn today. Connection keeps on dropping off several times an hour. 2.4 GHz cannot be detected at all. Brand new Samsung smart tv cannot connect as cannot detect our network at all. All the devices (laptops, mobiles, Lg smart tv etc) found at least that 5 GHz one. We've been Telstra's customers for about 9 hours now since the connection and it's been a nightmare. We have Smart modem 2 gen DJA0231. How can I get 2.4 GHz ssid shown? We've reported Telstra about those drop offs but after reading a couple of threads on here it seems like an endless "battle". Do we need a new modem, different model? Or the same or what. And yes ...connection dropped off once again. We have rebooted that modem several times without help. We had "good old ADSL" might have been slower but at least it was reliable. We have FTTC and fibre is right outside this house. Old wiring covers the house and less than 5 meters outside. Technician is coming on Monday but what's the point if that modem is the issue? Thank you in advance for any help/advice 

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Re: Connection dropping off, ssid doesn't show

Check the firmware of the modem. The firmware is displayed on the left hand side of ghe log in page. Latest firmware is 18.1c.443.950RB If you have firmware 18.1c.443.950RA then the 2.4 Ghz then this is probably reason that the 2.4 GHz WiFi is not working Firmware 18.1c.443.950RA has a bug which stops 2.4 GHz WiFi  working and you will need a replacement modem. Another problem with modem is that som IOS device with software version 13.xx cause the modem to keep rebooting.. There is a fix in latest firmware.


By default the modems two WiFi bands share the same SSID. If you disable band steering in the 2.4 GHz WiFi band -5G is added to the end of the 5 GHz WiFi SSID. If you only see the SSID with -5GHz on the end then 2.4GHz is faulty. Some devices can't maintain a connection when the two WiFi bands have same SSID so if 2.4 GHz WiFi is not faulty you might find devices maintain there connection.

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Re: Connection dropping off, ssid doesn't show

This morning the connection just "died" and haven't showed any signs since. 😢 Not the best possible start when changing provider. Our neighbor just the opposite side of the street switched to nbn a week ago. FTTC as ours. No issues, different provider.

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