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Constant NBN dropouts

After many years of reliable Telstra cable, I recently made the huge mistake of migrating to Telstra NBN.

I have now suffered NBN for 30 days and since day 1 I have been experiencing very frequent connectivity dropouts which last for 3-10 minutes each time. Sometimes every hour I get about 3 such dropouts, making the nbn setup practically unuseable.


I have raised a Telstra support call several weeks ago, and a technician was finally going to attend today Monday between 8am - 12 midday. It is now 2:50pm and nothing yet. Incredibly frustrating as I have taken the day off work, lost pay, and still no technician, no resolution.

I contacted Telstra repeatedly today and all they can say is that there system has a note saying that a call has been escalated to an NBN technician and that there is a network degradation issue. Telstra are unable to say what nodes the degradation issue is between - clearly there is a degradation issue as I have now called them over 8 times in the past few weeks.


The latest from the technician today is that frequent intermittent dropouts is a wide ranging issue across nbn as the system is unable to cater to the large number of people who are migrating across to the service.


Unfortunately I am also unable to opt out of the flawed NBN system and move to my previous cable as telstra no longer supports legacy copper based services. So I am stuck with practically no connectivity.


If you haven't migrated to NBN yet - DON'T. NBN does NOT work. Telstra support is unable to provide any value over sustained periods of time.


Very annoyed soon to be ex-Telstra customer.

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Re: Constant NBN dropouts

Unfortunately, even if you changed providers, you would still be stuck with the same problem.


If it is a problem with the NBN network itself, then it won't matter who you are with as it is still reliant on the same hardware.


You could raise a formal complaint via but unless NBN Co fix the infrastructure in your area, it probably won't do much good.


You could also raise a complaint about NBN Co with the Ombudsman via given what the technician told you.

Never be afraid to back yourself when trying new things, just always make sure you have 3 escape routes if things go wrong.
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Re: Constant NBN dropouts

If anyone from Telstra can help,

incident numbers : INC07103561 within the Telstra system.
INC300000650372 NBN incident number.


Service Request raised. Telstra formal complaint raised. TIO complaint will be next.

Support Team
Support Team

Re: Constant NBN dropouts

Hi Shan76, 


I'm sorry to hear of this experience and can appreciate the frustration here.


We're unable to track incident numbers from crowd support and I apologise for the inconvenience there.


If you have raised a complaint with us please provide me the SR reference number here so I can see if we can have your complaint assigned sooner. They look like 'SR 1-XXXXXXXXXX'


I'm happy to help where I can.


- Matty

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