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Credit my account.

Ok, about one month ago my modem went "Kaboom" so I rang Big Pond about getting a replacement...they informed me that seeing as my contract had run out I would have to pay for a new one...so I said, ok, join me up again "third time" and send me out a modem...they said, NO, we've already supplied one modem and if you want a replacement you'll "me" have to pay....I said, Ok, forget it, I'll sigh up with a new company and get everything new...they said, No, don't do that and talked me into sighing up again to big pond and they will send out a new modem free of charge.  I said, you should do that to all customers when renewing a contract but none the less i agreeed and sure enough i recieved my replacement modem.  all is good untill i got my lattest bill as i noticed they had charged me for the new modem.  I got onto them via on line serversis and they said sorry, they made a mistake and will fix it as the modem in question is indeed free.  now, i'm just about to pay my bill and i've noticed they havn't fixed anything, including still charging me for the so called replacement modem...so, in everyones point of view what should i do? as i've also noticed they did NOT renew my contract.  thanks in advance if you or anybody has advice...regards.

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Re: Credit my account.

Whoah,  that's a bit wierd.


My neighbour's Telstra supplied modem died completely, and I KNOW she was out of contract.  I advised her to ring Telstra and pay for a new one, and she got sent one out FREE OF CHARGE.


In your case,  I'd be ringing accounts to have it sorted, and have them issue a credit to your account covering the cost of the router.


LIveChat might help.



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