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DNS Refresh not working on WiFi

I recently had an issue where one of my websites appeared to be down when I visited it.  No matter what browser I used and tested it failed.


I then tried the which said it is up.


I flushed my PC cache, did a PC DNS flush but nothing helped.

I then tried to access it on my phone and tablet, but this time I disconnected them both from our WiFi and used the mobile data connection instead.  Then it worked.

How and why does this happen and how do I fix this so the home connection always sees the site is up and not down.

This happens too often and is not just a one off issue

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Re: DNS Refresh not working on WiFi

It seems after 2 modem resets it was fixed.


How do I get the modem to always check for new dns info all of the time?  Or more regularly?

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: DNS Refresh not working on WiFi

Do you have the Arcadyan version of the GEN 2 Smart modem? See image below for how to tell which version you have. The Arcadyan modem does not support NAT loopback. If you have the Arcadyan modem the only way to fix the problem is to use a different modem or wait until there is firmware update from Telstra that fixes the problem.






Level 12: Master Detective

Re: DNS Refresh not working on WiFi

No I don't think that is what I have;

Product Vendor Technicolor
Product Name Technicolor DJA0230TLS
Software Version 17.2
Firmware Version 17.2.0406-820-RC
Hardware Version VBNT-V
It seems to happen for specific websites, especially ours. 

The site appears down to us, I check my online monitors and the is it just me or is it down website and they both say it is fine.  The ONLY way I can fix it here is that I have to restart the modem.  

Any ideas?  Telstra Techs?
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