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Drop in ADSL2 speeds - Albion Park NSW 2527

Hi Just wondering if anyone is on here from Albion Park NSW 2527?

for the past 4 days my ADSL speeds have been terrible. I normally have speedtest download rate of around 16-17mb/s and now i'm sitting at around 2-3mb/s.

This is not simple network congestion as I have tried this at various times of the day and night and the slow speed is consistant. There just happens to be and army of NBN contactors down the road at all of the rims and this problem appears to coinside with the timeline they started their work.


I have done all the troubleshooting steps and nothing has changed within my network environment. I can't even get a hold of the faults hotline as I'm on hold for so long - 2 hours+ is just a joke.


So, anyone having similar issues around the area?




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Re: Drop in ADSL2 speeds - Albion Park NSW 2527

Yep, same here. I have been overseas for 6 weeks, came back a week ago and I am having problems using VPN to connect to work. It keeps dropping out, and speedtest shows greatly fluctuating speeds. I am only on ADSL1, but 2 months ago was getting consistent 6600 kbps download speeds (now it fluctuates from 2300-6000 kbps) and slow but reliable upload speeds of 320 kbps (now fluctuates 100-300 kbps). It seems worse in the mornings than in afternoons/evenings.


I am hanging out for NBN, mainly to get better upload speeds. I have had to ask people in my house to deactivate backup to cloud on their devices because whenever they walked into the house it killed the internet! An improvement in download speed would be nice too.


According to the Telstra wholesale NBN rollout list, Albion Park is divided into 3 areas: 2ABN-02, 2ABN-03 and 2ABN-04. I have not been able to find out which area I'm in. The list says area 03 should be service ready 9-Dec 2016, and areas 02 and 04 ready 13-Jan 2017.





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Re: Drop in ADSL2 speeds - Albion Park NSW 2527

According to Finder NBN tracker I am in region 2ABN-04.





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Re: Drop in ADSL2 speeds - Albion Park NSW 2527

Hi Porkosta, 


It's not great to hear of the issues you are experiencing regarding your ADSL service. 


There is some scheduled maintenance on Home phone services in the area at the present time. 




This Maintenance began on Monday 26th of September, and is due to be completed by 7.30am on the 9th of October. 


As the maintenance is being done in sections, you may find that your service is not impacted for this entire time. 


-      Kind Regards 

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Re: Drop in ADSL2 speeds - Albion Park NSW 2527

I am on ADSL2+ via Exetel who use the Telstra infrastructure at Tullimbar west of Albion Park. Connection speed is 6.8MB/s and upload connection is 348KB/s. It all slowed down when the NBN began rolling out near here maybe 9 months ago. I have complained to Exetel but they seem to be able to do little about it. Wireless NBN will be available here but not until 2020!!!





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