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Dumbfounded & Frustrated

This is more comment than a question, but I want the 'crowd' to know about this.


I live in a residential complex made of 16 x 2-3 bedroom units, a block of apartments and a share house. We all have the same street address.


We got hit by lightning yesterday.


I know of three modems that were fried, along with the associated phone/ADSL line. Also one PS4 and a couple of microwaves... there are more than likely more.


Anyhoo... I and my friend who lives 25m away, have both called broadband faults to get the lines fixed. My friend was able to get a technician to come out the following day, but I have to wait 4 days (after being fobbed off through three depts!)


No matter how I tried to explain it to the overseas Telstra reps, they could not comprehend and/or understand the pure commonsense of having the technician that's arriving the following day to investigate (and fix) other possible outages within the complex after being advised by at least two residents that the complex had been hit by lightning.


After dealing so frustratingly with the uncaring Telstra overseas call centres over the past 3 years... I'm counting down the days until we finally have NBN connected here so I have a choice in provider... and I WILL CHOOSE an ISP that has an Australian call centre. 



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Re: Dumbfounded & Frustrated

The call centre operators cannot bundle service requests. That is done locally.


The technician may very well fix the whole lot anyway if your complex has an MDF and it needs fixing in order to get services to the original appointment address fixed.


If you need a new modem, you will need to order (or buy a thrid party one) a new one as lightning strike is not normally covered under warranty (assuming your modem was less than 2 years old anyway).


It might pay to invest in some surge arrestors as well for both the power and telecoms outlets.

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