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FTP not working, and Telstra won't help

I have set up a new cable modem, and FTP is not working.  I have spoken to several Telstra support people, and they tell me they can't help without charging me $200!  FTP was working fine on my old ADSL modem, but on the new cable modem, the FTP client gets to the PASV command, it hangs and fails.  Here's the log...


Command: TYPE I

Response: 200 Type set to I.

Command: PASV

[ loong delay ]

Error: Connection timed out

Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing


Anyone got any ideas?  Without FTP, cable is useless to me, and I will have to drop back to ADSL, and throw the cable router in the bin.


Interestingly, I also cannot connect to the Telstra support chat on the cable modem.  It just says "Connecting" forever.  I have to drop back to my ADSL network to connect to support!  But apparently as web browsing is working, that's where the Telstra support ends!  I'm pretty peeved - if I wanted broken products with crappy support, I can get my bundle much cheaper than Telstra.



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Re: FTP not working, and Telstra won't help

Final resolution -


After talking with many different support people, Telstra have emphatically stated that they will not help with FTP.  This is apparently outside the scope of their support.  So, warning to any web developers or anyone else needing file transfer access - DO NOT get a Telstra cable connection with the Telstra Gateway Max (C6300BD) modem.  It does not work, and they will not help.  I have switched back to ADSL2+.


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