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FTTN speed while NBN are carrying out forced disconnection work

I connected to the NBN in June 2017 via FTTN (18 months ago)

I've been syncing around 90Mbps consistently with uptime measured in weeks.

On Wednesday, 2nd Jan, I experienced multiple dropouts, and did some standard troubleshooting, including a different modem.

The connection stabilised around midday, but synced about half the speed I normally got.

At around 4:30pm, it dropped out again, and resynced at full speed.

At 9am on next day, it dropped out, resyncing at half speed. At 5pm, it resynced at full speed again.

Same thing happened on the Friday. On Saturday it was half speed from 9am to 1pm only. Full speed for the rest of the weekend.

The NBN website, when entering my address, said the area was due for the forced disconnection of landlines and ADSL connects in January 2019, so it seemed fair to assume it was related to that.

On Monday (7th Jan) morning, I was across the street waiting for a bus, when I saw a technician take the cover of the cable pillar, fiddle with something, and then put the cover back on. (At least, I assume he was a technician. I wasn't close enough to see any logos on his clothing or any other identification.)

When I got back home, my modem showed that it had dropped out at the time I saw this, and had resynced at half speed. It's been at half speed ever since.

Should I wait and see if it ever comes back to normal?

I can see that the cable pillar has been worked on a few times since (the cover being put on with the handles in different positions).

Any ideas or advice on how to find out how long this will be in effect? I don't think Telstra Support will be able to help, and I don't know if I can call NBN themselves to find out.



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Re: FTTN speed while NBN are carrying out forced disconnection work

Id call 1800 834 273 and report the speed drop. Tech could have bumped your connection resulting in the speed drop.
Although I am a Telstra Employee, I am not here in an official capacity. My opinions are my own and not that of Telstra's.
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Re: FTTN speed while NBN are carrying out forced disconnection work

Thanks for the suggestion. I called 1800 834 273, and spent an hour talking to someone who eventually told me that the speed I'm now getting is the best that I can get, and he was confused that I have been paying for the Premium Speed Boost.

I asked the rep to log a ticket, to get a tech appointment set up, and that took another hour and a half of being on hold, as he entered all the relevant data. The appointment is in 10 days time.

There is a $240 fee for this appointment, so I hope the technician actually understands the problem.

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