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Fixed line NBN. Router updating.

I noticed a speed increase and as there were people digging up the Telstra pit out the front earlier this week, I checked and our block of units have had fixed line NBN connected.


Is there anything I need to do now regarding Telstra?  I had an ADSL2 connection and when my old router was sizzled I got a new Smart Modem DJA-0230. 


I recently did a factory reset and it updated to "mint".  Without giving away trade secrets, can Telstra do updates if I disable remote access and change login name from "admin" to something else as well as the default password?

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Level 24: Supreme Being
Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Fixed line NBN. Router updating.

Telstra can still do updates if you disable remote access and change admin name to something else. Remote access is disabled by default and I think you can't change the admin name but you can add another name to log into the modem.
Level 19: Deputy Director

Re: Fixed line NBN. Router updating.

Thanks, that is what I must have done, because now if I login it is using a new name not admin.

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