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Free speedboost for cable customers

We are paying extra for speedboost on our Telstra cable internet contract.

Today I got an email saying I’m getting upgraded to speedboost at no charge which they are calling “standard speed”. 

i called Telstra and was told that since NBN has gone live recently in my area, Telstra are giving all cable customers free speedboost. They said my speedboost charge would be taken off my bill (yeah, right) 

Firstly, do I have to opt out of speedboost on my account?

Secondly, does this mean that when I go over to nbn I will only be eligible for the “standard” 50 mbps speed? 


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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Free speedboost for cable customers

My understanding from what I have heard is that they are essentially just removing the speed boost as an option from Cable and increasing the base to the 100Mbps, which would mean that it should automatically drop off as the option will no longer exist.

When you go to NBN it will depend on the situation, it is assessed to confirm the maximum speed capable and if it is able to support 100Mbps you will be able to upgrade to 100Mbps. But it would normally be connected at standard at first.
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