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Gateway max connection/location

Have received our gateway max today (self install), in readiness for nbn fttn connect next week. Aparently  an nbn tecnician has to attend to some work outside which does not require my prescence.


We presently have 2 wall sockets in the house 1 currently used for homephone and 1 for modem/internet connection.


Q? if I may:

- Is my understanding in simple terms, correct in principle (having read the booklet etc) that I will, after the techo has finished outside, need to ;

1) Unplug existing homephone from wall and plug it  into the Gateway max.

2) Plug gateway max into one of the 2 existing wall sockets and switch on and wait for it to establish connection..

3) Will I be able to move the Gateway (with phone plugged in) to our other wall socket if we dont like where it is located ? and if so does that then require resetting/reconnecting etc.

4) Devices are available to extend the Gateway wireless signal to the other end of the house ?


I'm a bit of a basic when it comes to all this stuff but "think" I might be able to stumble through with a little bit of common sense !!

Cheers' John

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