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Google Home firmware update

Hi there,

I have a Google Home which is connected to my smart modem, I have been having issues recently with casting Spotify form both mine and my daughters phones. I can set everything up and it will work one day but not the next. I have noticed that the firmware on the Goggle Home is out of date but after following all the Google options it won't update, I was wondering if anyone else is having the same issue, is there a specific forwarding port that is required for the update to go through? Google themselves have identified a few modems with problems the smart modem isn't on the list but I just thought I'd ask.

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Re: Google Home firmware update

Hi Whyisthissohard. 

Sorry to hear that you are having these issues with your Google Home. Can I ask if you are having the same issue with any other casting services over Google Home? Or is this specific to Spotify?

As I understand it, Google Home will download updates automatically (http://tel.st/3yfx9) and you can see the latest firmware version here http://tel.st/blv5f.

Have you made sure you have downloaded and updated the Spotify app to the latest version on your devices http://tel.st/xgrhc?

Have you made sure you have downloaded and updated the Google Home app to the latest version? http://tel.st/l87rs.

I would recommend going through the "Troubleshoot and issue" section on on the Google Home Support page http://tel.st/rnznd;

Let us know how you go. 

Regards - Tom


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Re: Google Home firmware update

Hi Tom,

Thank you for your reply, both my daughter and I checked the firmware version and the steps to upgrade it. We also reinstalled Spotify, Google home and Google assistant to try and resolve the issue. I also contacted Google, their suggestion was to try YouTube music which ironically they own. After finding that I had to upgrade to a premium plan to be able to cast music I gave up and returned the Google home and bought a Sonos One.


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