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Dear people.

I receive my internet via my land line (Marsfield 2122). Received an email 3-4 weeks ago telling me that my unit complex had been switched on to the NBN (HFC) and that I could receive the new hifi modem Gen 2. Modem duly arrived after filling out questions. Quick delivery. After duly reading the instructions, I hooked it up via the DSL connection on the back of the modem. First couple of days, good speed. BUT, KNOW, absolutely terrible. Using the phone connection it takes ages to load a page, especially Facebook. In the last couple of days I have pulled the plug on the land line connection and used the 4G connection on the modem. What a HUGE difference. I am using this at the moment.

So here are my questions. Firstly I should say that I am sending via the 4g setting on my modem.

1. Instructions booklet informed me that I need an NBN Connection box. Why?

2. NBN Co need to attend on a day along with Telstra tech to hook up. Why?

3. Has my phone line been FULLY activated?

4. Most of my on line stuff is done after midnight, WHY so slow via the land line?

5 How long can I use the 4G connection before I get a nasty message saying that I have used it too much?

6. I am informed that NBN AND Testra are supposed to arrive on the same day to 'hook up'. This particular day I am on a day off. Can't see THIS happening.

7. With my phone plugged into the back of the box, it DOES NOT Work

Bottom line. The 4g connection is excellent. The land line connection is 'you know what'.

By the way. With my my phone plugged into the modem, does not work, so I have plugged it into a second phone line I have.

NOT good enough. I have Telstra for my phone, internet and a mobile Wifi. Their are other companies that could do a deal for me. 

I do have Foxtel, but this is received via a cable connection and do not want to change.








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Level 24: Supreme Being


1. You need a connection box because you will have HFC NBN which is delivered via the coax cable instead of the phone line.

2. You should only need a NBN Technicisn to install the NBN CO's HFC modem which connects to the coax wall plate. The Telstra modem WAN port connects to the NBN HFC modem.

3. Your phone line has been fully activated

4. There could be a number off reason why internet is so slow. There could be a line fault.

If you have the Technicolor version off the Gen 2 modem post the line stats. To view line stats log into modem http://192168.0.1 (admin /Telstra) and go to Advanced 》Broadband.

If you have the Arcadyan version try your old modem it might be a the modem. Check modems firmware Advanced 》 Info Summary.

5. I think the limit before 4G is throttled to 256 kbps is 7G and if continued to be used is disconnected. If there is a fault the throttling can be removed by requesting support submit a WEB form to remove throttling.

6. See 3

7. Do you have the PSTN port of modem connected to phone line via splitter / filter? On ADSL connection phone will only work if PSTN port is connected.

No matter which company you use for your Internet and phone service your foxtel service will be transferred to Satelite. Foxtel is transferring all customers to satellite.

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