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My current internet provider is with Optus on ADSL2+ and I'm looking to transfer it to Telstra. When checking my availability it says its "maybe available". So my question is if I do sign up to Telstra, would I have to wait in the queue for a new available port or would it just transfer into Telstra smoothly? I really don't want to go ahead and lose my port and go without the internet.




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Re: Home Internet

You would leave the current one active, request a port, they will put in the request to wholesale who will check if it can be done. If it is a wholesale port it should just swap, if it is an optus port it would depend on if a port is available. If a port is not available you will get a phone call with a 'we can't do it' or 'we estimate x weeks', and your current connection wouldn't be impacted as wholesale should be able to check before the port is done. Sometimes even when ports are available if it is on an optus port it does show as maybe because it needs to be converted, I know I have seen that at least a couple times before... only ever with optus though...
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