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Home NBN below governments promised 25mbps line speed

In case this helps anyone I thought I might post this for those unlucky enough to be the 1.3 percent of premises who are not reaching the governments promised NBN line speeds of 25mbps - We were one of them.


After 3 hours of being passed around Telstra Chat, frustrated and getting no-where I called Telstra and managed to speak to Level 2 NBN Tech Support to lodge an investigation. After more phone calls to chase up our case progress NBN acknowledged we were not reaching the minimal line speeds of 25mbps for our FTTN NBN.


We had NBN tech out this afternoon who confirmed we were 1200m from the node and not to expect better speeds than we are already receiving. BUT after a bit of research and now having the knowledge the new ACMA rules require minimal line speeds guaranteed at 25mbps I politely brought this up and the tech dug a little further. Turns out there was a fault in the line 350m from our home which tech has now repaired. End result we now have line speeds of 40.02 Mbps up and 9.72 Mbps down, very happy with the result - Very grateful to the tech!


I hope this info helps any others in the same situation as us as I was given the run around from everyone with regards to speeds. We are also on the NBN50 tier speed so happy we are now getting much better speeds than we were currently on the same plan. 


Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 7.01.16 pm.png


Our Before (Right) and after (Left) Line speeds:


Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 6.59.43 pm.png

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