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How do i get out of my NBN contract?

Telstra sucks, 

I have had enough after 15+ years with 4 accounts I want out.

24/7 app is rubbish, NBN speed is crap, mobile coverage OK, dealing with a moron in an overseas call center is over rated aswell.

Totally over the Telstra crap service at a premium price but i have 2 mobiles in contract and NBN aswell in contract.



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Re: How do i get out of my NBN contract?

@nlevey The best idea would be to call the Telstra disconnections team in Adelaide on 13 22 00 between 8am and 9pm. Just say "disconnection" to the bot lady.


They can then go over what fees if any,  you may incur for leaving your contract/s early.

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