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Hybrid Fibre Coax still not working

Rang Telstra early Jan (3rd I think) to switch over my 100Mb cable to NBN with speed boost. Got the installation date of 17 Jan.

A few days before 17 Jan, got a call to say there was some kind of mix up with the booking system and the earliest they could do it was 31 Jan.

A few hours later another call from the case manager to say there was an error with the booking system and the earliest they could do it now was 7 Feb.

On the 7 Feb, the NBN tech arrived and put in the Arris CM820 and left.

After 24 hours the UL/DL leds were still flashing, so I rang Telstra to say it wasn't working. They said, the NBN hadn't filed the paper work and that the port was closed.

A week went past so I rang again, and was told to contact NBN.

I rang NBN resolutions who said it wasn't anything to do with them and to get back to my retailer.

Rang Telstra the next day and repeated the order number three times before I was told there was something wrong with the system because his terminal was frozen. Could I ring back in an hour or so?
I gave up.

Current status is my cable is still working with the Netgear 3100D and my phone is still working on the copper.

I read on the Whirlpool forums that there were 'widespread technical problems' with HFC connections. Does anyone know the real story and how much longer I must wait?

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Re: Hybrid Fibre Coax still not working

By the way my locaton is Wheelers Hill 3150

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Hybrid Fibre Coax still not working

Good luck. HFC NBN is the flakiest of the lot.


Is your NBN on a different connection to your old Cable connection?

Never be afraid to back yourself when trying new things, just always make sure you have 3 escape routes if things go wrong.
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Re: Hybrid Fibre Coax still not working

The NBN is on the same connection as the Telstra cable. I am assuming that when the port is finally open the HFC will use a different protocol and my current configuration will no longer work.

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Re: Hybrid Fibre Coax still not working

Sounds like the HFC activation issue. Telstra phone operators don't seem to know about it.


It looks like Telstra and the NBN haven't been communicating properly and thousands of people are being "connected" to the NBN when their area isn't ready for service. Probably NBN trying to improve their statistics...


I would just leave your old connection hooked up until the activation happens (presumably some time in the next month or three).

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