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I give up

Why do I even bother to think Telstra have anything but their own interests in mind?

I have a laptop that requires setting up the WiFi, but it doesn't want to work.

I'm not going to call "Technical Support" because they are linguistically challenged .

So I attempt to find some assistance through the Crowdsupport site.

What a joke. Why is Telstra run in such an unhelpful, uncaring, site?


Forget it, I'll work it out for myself, including looking for another provider.

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Re: I give up

Must be missing something here, just had a look, and can't find any questions asked by you with regards to this on Crowd Support.

The only record of you in Crowd support before is this http://crowdsupport.telstra.com.au/t5/Mobile-Plans-Rates/Private-information-is-not-private/m-p/1903...


And by the way Crowd support is primarily the general public offering up any knowledge they may have on a subject that might help others out. It's NOT all Telstra staff that assist here.


So if you like to explain what type of Laptop you have, operatinmg system, and how you think you might like to activate WiFi for it, maybe someone might try to assist you.

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Re: I give up

I have spent 6 hours today including driving to the Telstra store to get a new modem because my "contracted" modem self destructed within 5 weeks of the warranty expiring (Telstra's warranty).  I am still no closer to getting the internet working on the ADSL line that I am paying for regardless of whether it works or not and the only response I got from Telstra was "is the power connected" - all while chewing up valuable 4G data charges on my mobile that I had to tether to my laptop.


Your support levels are at an all time low Telstra - I share the views and frustration of the person who started this post.



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Re: I give up

I have a problem getting ADSL. I used the 24x7 chat and always get some one real helpful and we go through all the motions till they realise it is not going to work and then they come up with some story like the modem needs a 10 minute rest and to call back then or there has been a problem at the exchange affecting your area.


Of course the fact that my neighbour uses Bigpond and is having no problem is beside the point. Every call now about 5 comes up with a different answer. My plan runs out in June asssuming they get it fixed by then. Im going elsewhere even though I know they still profit from provding wholesale lines but at least I'm away from their techo flunkies.


My advice to anyone having problems is to complain to the ombudsman. Thats the only time they take it seriously. Then change ISP TPG is much cheaper.

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Re: I give up

You say you are on a contract until June.

In this contract they are to provide a service and if they cant deliver I would be phoning them explaining that they have broken the contract therefore you would like to cancel it imediately.

Support Team
Support Team

Re: I give up

Hi everyone, 


Sorry to hear of frustrations caused by technical difficulties. Have tech support on 133933 or live chat: http://tel.st/gq6m advised of possible causes for the issues? 

Is it relating to drop outs, slow speeds, or other technical difficulties? 

If modem related, and still under warranty, then it can be replaced. 



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