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Insane data usage [1TB+ in 10 hours]

Hey there,

We are currently on a 500GB cable plan. We are on day 27 of 30 of our usage. We (3 users) have never had a probelm with the cap and we were well on track this month.

This morning usage was normal and all was fine. Everyone was at work/uni and when we got home at about 6pm we noticed that our speed had been slowed.

Checking the usage we have used 1.5TB/500 gb. 1.3TB of which was used between 8am and 6pm today. We do not have any P2P connections and no one left anything running through the day.

How is it physically possible to use that much data in just 10 hours. Considering over a terrabyte of it was used on a "slowed" connection.

Does this sound like an error in Telstra's meterage?

Been on hold for 1 hour and 20 minutes so far with no luck. Any one have any suggestions or a good point of contact for an issue like this?

Kind Regards,

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Re: Insane data usage [1TB+ in 10 hours]

How does it compare with your normal everyday usage, that would I would raise with Tech Support.


Could one of your PC devices have Malware?


Could someone externally using your WiFi?


Did you receive any data usage email notifications?


I agree, 1.3TB usage in 10 hours could be difficult to achieve.

There are a few reports on the forum about this issue today.

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Re: Insane data usage [1TB+ in 10 hours]

Same here. I'm on a 100GB plan, today  my usage was '99GB' (Ha Ha), so im over the limit by 34GB. 

Must be a Telstra accounting error

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Re: Insane data usage [1TB+ in 10 hours]

My usage skyrocketed to 800-900GB today also. I think it is a problem with telstra data usage tracking. When I look at the daily usage data in my telstra account there is zero usage against all previous days except today with a massive 800-900GB total. Also I look at my router usage log and it only has the same amount of data usage as my normal monthly usage.


So just use your free top ups and let telstra sort it out and complain if they don't fix by tomorrow. They probably have heaps of people phoning to ask what happened to my usage.

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Re: Insane data usage [1TB+ in 10 hours]

Hey thanks for the reply. Here is how it stacks up against my regular usage. Usage

Sounds like it might be a more widespread issue. Thanks!
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Re: home broadband usage spike

does this look odd to you?150GB in one day. Not bad for a day when nobody was home and the only PC left on says it has used 208MB in the last 30 days. 80GB (metered) is a big month for this household. It's a weird change from the usage meter not working most of the time for the last 6 months.


"Data usage information is typically current as of 12 hours ago, but can be delayed by up to 48 hours" - that 150GB is today


Did somebody stuff up a database update?


The emails I got ...


18:47: Your data usage so far: 101218MB

18:52: Your data usage so far: 170630MB


Oh, I wish it was that fast. How does cable internet @ 2.5Mb upload 24GB in a day? The theoretical maximum is 27GB in a day.


It's not the Big Pong modem, that is bridged. It's not Foxtel, that is unmetered.


Yes, I have now changed the wifi password. If that was it, kudos - quite teh drive-by.


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Re: Insane data usage [1TB+ in 10 hours]

Same here. 3 emails at the same time showing usage of 250Gb, 426Gb & 572Gb on a 500 plan
Daily usage shows 350/used today when no one at home. Service is now capped and have been on hold for 2 hoirs
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Re: Insane data usage [1TB+ in 10 hours]

i am in granville nsw and apparently used 800 GB today (not!).  500 gb plan 


morning usage great.  perfetc.  it was rotten from around 2 pm i think.


i'm going to leave this up to the brave souls trying to actually talk to someone at Telstra.


the usage is such a statistical anomaly that i presume they will weed it out of our accounts at some stage.

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Re: Insane data usage [1TB+ in 10 hours]

For all of you people out there also on hold for insane times I managed to get through to support by calling the general customer service number rather than the technical support number which gave me wait times upwards of an hour. Hope this helps!
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Re: Insane data usage [1TB+ in 10 hours]

Same here all 3 e-mails at same time on a 500 plan, used 504GB just today (574GB for month) and now internet hardly working have to fallback to 4G. My normal usage is very low, been on hold for an hour now about to give up. At least we can see its a Telstra issue and hopefully will be resolved soon.

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Re: Insane data usage [1TB+ in 10 hours]

Obviously something to do with accounts section. Telstra accounts division has been pretty bad for well over 40 years and it is not getting any better. I had a similar problem and the slate was wiped clean  as it should have been. Something is wrong somewhere if more than one person is involved.  Just imagine the number of people who do not use crowd support or even know it exists.

Fault will be in the hundreds

Telstra transmission manager, redundant in 1997 after 40 years.
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Re: Insane data usage [1TB+ in 10 hours]

if you have netflix or using  a service through  smart tv the problem is you have to make changes .

Netflix go on google to to netflix account and change the settings from auto to middle feature and auto runs at 7 gigs per hour and if you have more than one connected it is 7 gigs per tv.....

it seems telstra failes to notify that the extras if not adjusted can use huge data.

even foxte, now uses 7 gigs a hour 

so check your added packages and ensure that it is not draining your data 

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Re: Insane data usage [1TB+ in 10 hours]

hi truth saver.... can you please stop making excuses. like netflix or foxtel using 7gb per hour...
yesterday i apparently used 700 a few hours.....
obviously a fault on telstra side. as this has happened before from accounts on crowd support.....
i have been on the phone all morning. and 2 hours last night...i cant get through....
i even tried to use a free top up. which hasnt worked....

i am so pissedif with telstra right now....
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Re: Insane data usage [1TB+ in 10 hours]

@truthsayer don't waste our time with alternative excuses and random assumptions, this is a Telstra issue


I'm an IT network security engineer and I run CheckPoint firewall at home with usage monitoring

I don't use Netflix or any similar service

My usage yesterday is marked as 504GB for the day when I typically use 2-6GB a day

The usage measurement is not what my firewall measured

Also one would notice 500GB downloaded in a day, I was using my computer and there was no speed impact all day.


I spent more than an hour waiting on phone for support last night.


I used a free top up and although the usage has not update my internet is at least working and a quick speed test shows that I'm not being shaped.


I don't care about the free top up because I don't need them provided my usage is measured correctly in the first place.


I hope Telstra is working on this and expect an explanation from them at some point. This is a major pain.


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Re: Insane data usage [1TB+ in 10 hours]

Phew glad I found this I just happened to log into my account and saw that yesterday we had used 255Gb in one day (not sure how to see the specfic times) which is more than half my 500GB allowance and I'm only a week into my cycle and supposedly used 57% already.


No emails received yet.

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Re: Insane data usage [1TB+ in 10 hours]

This stuffed. This happened yesterday and apparently Telstra call centre is overloaded but still no public message or email to acknowledge the problem..
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Re: Insane data usage [1TB+ in 10 hours]

Exactly a message at the top of the forum would acknowledge that they're working on the problem or in fact show they actually give a toss.
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Re: Insane data usage [1TB+ in 10 hours]

My usage meter is reporting 860GB on a 500GB plan and the 3 warning emails in a couple of minutes. I was shaped last night but speeds are now back to normal.  I suspect shaping is progressively being removed from those shaped in the last couple of days even though the meter is still showing the high value. It would be good business practice for Telstra to provide some communication to customers on this issue.

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Re: Insane data usage [1TB+ in 10 hours]

We use 200GB in a normal month and supposedly used 700GB in an hour last night...service slowed...just another Telstra screw up....they had to turn the cable broadband meter off for most of last year because it was ripping customers off...Good luck with the call centre!
Support Team
Support Team

Re: Insane data usage [1TB+ in 10 hours]

We’re aware that incorrect data usage volumes have affected some broadband cable customers in NSW. We are working quickly to fix the issue for these customers this morning. 

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Re: Insane data usage [1TB+ in 10 hours]

While I'm glad Telstra has acknowledge this in this thread on Thursday Oct 26th. However, I was an affected customer and I have not heard anything and my usage is still showing incorrectly as of Monday Oct 30th 10pm. I had to use up one of my yearly allowance boosts to be able to have my connection usable again. I just lodged a complaint to get this fixed up and my counter to increase monthly allowance reset in case it happens again. I used the complaint service because I don't have several hours to spend on hold waiting for a support person to answer my call.

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