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Intermittent Dropouts

We are with Telstra (one desktop and a small tablet wi fi modem recently given by Telstra) and have been getting frequent dropouts, sometimes 3 or 4 every 30 mins mostly in the afternoon and evening but have also been in the morning. Have also read all the online posts about this here) Before that we had a server connection problem (it couldnt find the server) and have started going downhill for the last year or so. Gone through all the usual checks and phoning the helplines. I am over it and dont have the time to go through the usual mumbo jumbo that a different person at the call centre is scripted to go through! I am just a layperson and dont have much tech now how. My neighbour has also been having a problem and she is also with Telstra. 

I decided not to do a degree online as I couldnt be sure of the stability and speed of the connection! What an apalling service for many! I am in Tuggeranong ACT does anyone else in this area using the Monash exchange have this issue? I am at my wits end and am close to changing providers but worry the same thing will eventually happen with them as Im told that they all (other providers) use Telstra ports in our local exchange. Does anyone else in Tuggeranong have this problem with ADSL Telstra???

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Re: Intermittent Dropouts

The problems you are having could be due to a number of reasons.

If you can hear crackle or hum on your phone there could be a cable fault.

A lot of link errors other than FEC errors could also indicate a cable fault.

You can check the errors on the link by login into gateways GUI. The password is admin.

Gateway Max II > advance > broadband > DSL Diagnostic

Telstra Frontier > Advanced > Broadband > DSL Diagnostic

F@st 5355 Advanced > Gateway Settings > Dev Info > Stats > WAN1 xDSL

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Re: Intermittent Dropouts

Hello sp61
In addition... it would be wise to run the Telstra trouble shooting tool....for which I provide a link below .
Thank you
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Re: Intermittent Dropouts

Not much to add. Maybe make a note of the times and what lights are on on the modem their color and what they are for eg: WAN, internet lights, when the dropout occurs. What modem are you using? Also make a note of what the troubleshooting tool reports. Ask to speak to a manager. Lodge a complaint with the TIO. I had six tech callouts to fix disconnections. Line problem every time. Alternately pay the bit extra and get cable if you can. Wired connections are more secure and faster than wireless, so maybe persist with that.

There does not appear to be any NBN activity in your area that could disturb ADSL lines. Most likely is that the lines are in poor condition and not repaired as the NBN originally was going to rip them out anyway and replace with fibre to the premises.

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