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Internet Speeds slow at night

Ok so, basically, for the past 2 weeks I've been getting extremely slow and unstable Internet speeds of about 6 mbp/s via


During the day on average I get 115 mbp/s (I have telstra ultimate cable) but at around 6 pm at night, it trickles to a unusable state.


I'm thinking this is just congestion at my exchange but I'm surprised I'm only being hit by it recently, could it be something else?


To clarify, my Internet during the day is perfect and I have no complaints about that, it's just at night Smiley Sad

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Level 1: Cadet

Re: Internet Speeds slow at night

Welcome to Telstra !

               & all there promises,

I along with thousands of others suffer this problem also , only difference is i'm on wireless..

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