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Internet constantly dropping out

Internet drops out daily 4-5 times 5 to 10 minutes i talked to the technical department and they sent new modem

gateway max 2 and was good for one day then the problem continues..

when connection drops out i can see my phone line in use so must be something wrong with the line

before change to nbn everything was good 

paying for maximum speed but getting less than 25mbs speed

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Re: Internet constantly dropping out



1) how are you connecting to the modem via ethernet cable (blue/yellow) or wifi?

2) have you had any driver updates from windows?

3) as a test do yo know how to temporarily change the dns server's in windows? if so try changing the first 1 to and see if it works better (be weary though ping rates to that number have been in 250-450ms range)  

Telstra customer 15+ yrs, I am not a Telstra employee and never have been

Kudos and thanks welcomed

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Service Status in your area
Someone asked to check your ping but dont know how
Check all your connected programs
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Re: Internet constantly dropping out


I'm having the same problem and its been for the last 12 months with no fix in sight. I'm sick of ringing telstra support and getting the same run around with no solution. internet speed on my FTTN connection is download of 0.41 with no upload speed as the connection always times out before completing a check. I'm using a new windows desktop and a couple of Ipads and thats all at our house. The Apple products seem to connect to the internet with better results when the internet is working, but the laptop/decktop has always had very slow results. Finding my transittion to NBN very frustrating.

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Re: Internet constantly dropping out

Try a non telstra modem. Worked for me. No more dropouts, telstra one would last a few hours at most

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