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Internet service outage, interim service and compensation


I live in Marsfield, NSW.  My internet cable and foxtel have been out for 5 days including today.  A repair technician has come but was unable fix the issue.


Firstly, how to I obtain an acceptable interim internet connection from Telstra.  I rang their service line today making such a request.  All they were prepared to do was discuss the fault (about which they had no information) and, after 30 minutes, explained they could not do anything more but refer on my request for an interim service.


How can I escalate and expedite this request given the telephone customer service rep seems to have failed me?


To be clear: I would like a new modem which is backed up by the mobile cellular service when the cable modem is not working.  It must be wi-fi capable given my family of 5.


I will be lodging a claim for compensation with the TIO but speedy recification in this manner will lessen the cost for Telstra.  (Note our mobiles are all with Optus and compensation for mobile internet costs will be sought as part this compensation claim).

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Re: Internet service outage, interim service and compensation

You can raise a complaint here, a complaints case manager will then contact you to provide a resolution.
For Official Support start a Secure Chat , try the Online Troubleshooter, Outage Check or Complaint.

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