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Legit help or Telstra deceiving and going doowwwnnn hill?

I started up a Live Chat today to ask about the possibility of any new phone plan deals coming out before Christmas as mine with Telstra is about to run out. After a quick reply I was happy and got my answer.


Then the agent wanted to check on my other plans etc.. ie: NBN. Told me I currently don't use anywhere near my 1TB limit... correct the NBN here is terrible, the line is decades old and if you believe in conspiracies... You'd put your money on the option "deliberately throttled to half speed". Anyways... lived to deal with a half decent 24Mbps speed on non-peak times from the 40Mbps apparently most customers get. I never use wifi for my phones as Telstra 4Gx kills 24Mbps (so well played Telstra there). Agents then suggested I could pay another $2 a month to upgrade to an unlimited plan..... Ermmm WOT.


Maybe I'm having a bad day but being a heavy shareholders of Telstra and on the other side a customer I wasn't happy with this approach. Anyone else have this type of conversation?



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Re: Legit help or Telstra deceiving and going doowwwnnn hill?

That's the problem with agents having sales/ conversion targets.

A "Like" is always appreciated. If my advice is a solution, please mark it. I'm not a Telstra employee.
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Re: Legit help or Telstra deceiving and going doowwwnnn hill?

Was thinking... my parents would have swindled into this "deal".. I try my best to be a supporter of Telstra but my God... I know it is small biccies but the whole culture of Telstra has not changed one bit.. Good old Andy Penn doing.. well.. nothing.

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Re: Legit help or Telstra deceiving and going doowwwnnn hill?

Doesn't surprise me at all. its funny you hear it all the time, "we'll put you on an unlimited plan so that there is no chance of you going over your quota"

But you are right there should be a an option to lower your monthly quota (especially for people that live on their own or with 2 people etc.) oh their internet and save some money.

Funny how Telstra don't follow suit like other providers where you can do this, oh well.

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Re: Legit help or Telstra deceiving and going doowwwnnn hill?

@basketcase86 I still think they should've let you know your options, whether you take it up or not.


And the new NBN plans come with unlimited calls to standard numbers, including mobiles. Which some customers might want.


No harm in asking IMHO.

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Re: Legit help or Telstra deceiving and going doowwwnnn hill?


I dont see the harm in letting customers know what the options are.

A lot of people may consider $2 a month for the 'peace of mind' to be worth it.

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