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Low Bandwidths with cheaper companies is this true?

Is this a true statement?. Doesn't the cheaper priced companies get less bandwidth to spread over the customers compared to the big guys like Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, etc because their customers come first and what is left over goes to the cheaper companies, that's why you get a slower system at a cheaper price with the cheaper companies?

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Re: Low Bandwidths with cheaper companies is this true?

With NBN, bandwidth known as CVC costs, the more CVC an ISP such as Telstra buys they higher speeds customers. Thats just a genernal over view. So higher priced NBN plans generally will provide higher average speeds at peak times as the ISP will purchase more CVC.
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Re: Low Bandwidths with cheaper companies is this true?

No. it depends on how much CVC the companies can afford to buy off of NBN Co. It's not cheap, and the fewer customers you have on a POI, the more expensive it is per customer to provide adequate supply.
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