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My router keeps restarting (?)

I am not at home to actually check all the information on it, but it is one of the white ones that stands upright and has all the cords underneath it. It is quite thin and does not get too hot. Anyway, I can see if I can find it if needed, but yes.

Anyway, my router keeps losing connection or something as it seems to turn off, makes me resign in to use it. The message is along the lines of, ‘You must sign in to connect to the internet’. I actually cannot pinpoint what is causing the issue, whether it is restarting fully or what, but the issue is driving me bonkers. I am unable to actually reach the router in time to see if my theory is correct.

My livelihood depends on a stable internet connection and the thing restarting every hour and a half for no reason at all is beyond a joke. The worst thing is that it takes everything with it, even the phone.

In the log, this stands out: Connection to the Internet has been terminated.(Reboot,Reconfiguration,forced termination)

I am getting hundreds and hundreds of log information messages that make it hard to predict what is causing the issue.

It used to be rare, happening only once or twice per week, but now it happens frequently. It happened eleven times yesterday. ELEVEN.

P.S: I hope I posted this in the correct section. If not, I apologise.

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Re: My router keeps restarting (?)

From your description it sounds like you have the Sagemcom F@st5355 Gateway and the modem is rebooting due to a line fault. On DSL links (FTTN/B and ADSL) the quality of the link can be checked by logging into the gateway and going to Advanced > Device Info > Statistics > WAN Layer 1 - xDSL. If you see any Resynchronisation errors this would confirm that it is a line fault.



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Re: My router keeps restarting (?)

Hello, cf4!

I followed your instructions and found no re-synchronisations errors.

Here is a picture of what I see:

Hope nothing personal is in it.
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Re: My router keeps restarting (?)

For the period that the modem has been on (1 hour 16 minutes there is a lot of severely errored seconds and errored seconds. On a normal FTTN link there are only a few of these type of errors per day. So it could still be an faulty link. The image is off a normal connection.



Have you rung support? 11 drop outs a day is well over the maximum 6 drop outs per day that NBN Co guarantees.



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