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NBN Appt cancelled when changing Professional to Self-Instal


I have a Telstra in-progress request to have a NBN installer come and then a few days later a Telstra professional installer come.

- I now want to do a self installation.

Telstra said that to do this, they have to get their Client Manager to call me within a few days.

- They will have to cancel the NBN installer -- which is already scheduled

So why can't Telstra keep the NBN installer appointment as it is now a self-installation? 

- Telstra customer service says -- if you cancel a Telstra professional installation order, you cancel the whole lot, including the NBN installation order...

* Just contacted Optus (and will also contact Vodafone) now and said they can organise NBN installation within a week.

-- So why can't Telstra keep the NBN installation appointment, when changing from Professional installation to Self-install???

-- I could just easily move to Optus or Vodafone

Thanks kindly

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Re: NBN Appt cancelled when changing Professional to Self-Instal

within 1 hour my order was cancelled. called Telstra again and was set up with self installation and NBN appointment in shorter time than previously. Previous Customer service agent wasn't as helpful. all resolved. thanks. no replies needed

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