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NBN Connection

I am just seeking some help to get my issues resolved. The very short version is I placed an order to have NBN moved from one place to brand new dwelling on 22nd November. Still waiting and I have been given so many reference numbers and assurances that someone will contact me back and it doesn't happen. 



1-2359656704821 .

I just want someone to contact me please.1-2359656704821

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Re: NBN Connection

It is nice to know that I am not the only person out there caught in this exact same vortex - I have been a Telstra customer for 30 years and gave them 3 weeks notice before my move to ensure that they could work everything through before we moved in so that we had the NBN connected on day 1. We have now been in for a week and I am still being issued with new reference numbers and am told that someone will call me re the next stage within 24 hours. Not surprising, 24 hours comes and goes so I ring up again and go through the same 'groundhog day' discussion and process without any progress. They cannot even explain to me what the exact issue is that is holding up the processing of my order. I have decided to ring Optus tonight and give them a chance - it cannot be any worse than this Telstra experience. Never known a more frustrating organisation to deal with - it is always another department's fault but you can never speak to them and nor can you ever speak to a supervisor above the call centre operators. Must be great to be an organisation where sales and customer satisfaction does not matter. Good luck with them because I have given up

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