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NBN FTTN slowed down

Had NBN FTTN connected late last year. Paying for 50Mbps. It worked reliably at 31Mbps d/l for about 2 months. Ever since then I only get 18Mbps. Nothing changed this end.


Been through tech support multiple times. Finally told me last week there is a fault with my modem. Have new modem now and it hasn't helped my speed. Stayed exactly the same.


About 750m walking distance from node which I know is a lot but it worked at >30Mbps and very reliably for months before deciding that 18Mbps is all modem will sync at. Slow down was not gradual. Just one day 18Mbps is all I get and hasn't ever sync'd faster since.



Anyone have any suggestions?


Modem stats below:


Status UP
Connection Time 00h54m36s
Link Status UP
Standard VDSL2 (G_993_2_ANNEX_ B)
Line Encoding DMT
Link encapsulation ATM (G_992_3_ANNEX_ K_ATM)
Downstream : Upstream
Actual Rate [Kbps] 18181 : 3000
Maximum Rate [Kbps] 18181 : 3000
Noise Margin [dB] 0.00 : 6.60
Attenuation [dB] 35.20 : 0.00
Power [dBm] 14.60 : 6.20



Rarely seem to get lucky and speak to anyone who has any idea how to address this problem. Just keep going over the same things (what lights are on, is there a filter, whats plugged in etc, knowing this will make no difference. It's been done to death, seriously can't express how frustrating this is), and issue doesn't get escalated. Have to explain from the start again every time I call and go over all the steps again and gets me nowhere. Then get transferred to some other department or person and explain from the start again. The amount of time to get to speak to the right person when calling Telstra is absurd and I am considering changing ISP based on this alone.


Going to try connecting directly to maddison box tomorrow but expect no difference as it is one cable and Telstra replaced plug on wall when doing install. 


Thanks for any suggestions.

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Re: NBN FTTN slowed down

Although you might only be within 750 Meters walking distance the cable might be much longer. You need to find out were your connection pillar is located and then calculate distance from your premises to connection pillar and then from pillar to node.


The link below shows a map of were your connection pillar is located.


Disregard the theoretical speeds shown on map as these assume connection pillar is next to node.


I always thought I was within 400 meters of the Node but using map I discovered my connection pillar was a additional 400 meters in the opposite direction making the total distance 800 Meters which explained my maximum line speed of 36/11.


Moving to another provider will not solve the problem. I can not explain the original 30 Mbps speed. (Perhaps NBN Co has changed pillars). If you are paying for a speed boost would request a refund for speed boost.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: NBN FTTN slowed down

It could quite easily be a line fault between yourself and the pillar/node. Especially if you were getting higher speeds initially. A visit by an NBN Co tech would be able to confirm in a matter of minutes.
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Re: NBN FTTN slowed down

As @Jupiter has stated it could also be a line fault. Check the link stats would give a good idea if the link is faulty. Expect to see FEC errors but there should be few if any other errors.


The link stats are located at Advanced > Gateway Settings > Dev Info > Stats > WAN1-xDSL

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Re: NBN FTTN slowed down

Thanks for reply


Seems be a line fault between my premise and pillar / node. I have no joins at all on my property (without digging further than in the 2nd photo but think it goes to pit next door unbroken). I have confirmed this by pulling cable with a string through the wall and visually checked it all the way. I cut back about 5cm and redid the wall joint (no diff, same sync speed and parameters). to is without a join.


How would I go about getting an NBN Co tech? I've logged the fault many times with Telstra and made 2 formal complaints. No one will escalate it for me. Any other routes I can take to get it addressed within Telstra? Or should I be going to NBN Co with issue? I think that is not possible, RSP has to?


I'll call again about a fault in the mean time.

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Re: NBN FTTN slowed down

Thanks for reply

Link stats look OK?

Connection Time 00h22m54s
DSL Downstream 18.6 Mbit/s
DSL Upstream 3.0 Mbit/s

Downstream Upstream
Packets 0 0
Bytes 973,14 kB 0
FEC Errors 14348 9
Code violations (CRC) 0 0

Just keep calling Telstra faults is my option?
Loss of frames [s] 0
Errored Seconds 16
Severely Errored Seconds 14
Re-synchronisations 0
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Re: NBN FTTN slowed down

Thanks for reply

Map gives no info other than FFTN (no speed estimate).

Using the SQ tool I am not getting close to the minimum estimated speeds.

Changing RSP may not fix the problem, just in future I won't have to go through the painful experience of getting Telstra to do anything. Surely I am not the only one who finds calling Telstra far more difficult than any other telco I've used in the past?
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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: NBN FTTN slowed down

In 14 minutes would not expect to see 14 severely errored seconds. So line could still be faulty.

Below is the image of a normal link.


If you click on your  premises the estimated link speed, distance to connecting pillar and path to connecting pillar is displayed.


I agree there support staff is not very good and its a pain trying to get them to fix any problems. 


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Re: NBN FTTN slowed down

Thanks again

Thought I'd include uptime for reference. Thanks for input. Wasn't sure what to make of data in a short period. This process has opened a can of worms, going to continue to learn the infrastructure :-)

Map returns no node, pillar or estimate available for my location. I like what the map is trying to do though, plenty of good info in there.

Last line test provided me with a new modem. After talking to Telstra again, another line test today and they are saying there is an error in the line. I pressed for more information about the nature of the error but informed that he has no further information available other than there is a problem.

Really hope they can restore the 31Mbps speed. I can tolerate that. Just over half that is painful knowing that it was capable of 31. And being in a rural area I would not be surprised if that's how it is at this address for another 20 years.

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