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NBN HFC Activation issues



I recently signed up for NBN via Telstra's HFC network as a pre-existing Telstra Cable user. The NBN engineer visited site installed modem as said give in an hour and the service should be operational.


Now.. that was last week.. and there is no clear answer to when the service is going to be actived.


"Telstra connection manager" has confirmed that the probem is on the activation side of the NBN but we are in this endless feedback loop of - expecting update from NBN in 24, then it was 48 and now 72 hours.


How do Telstra go about exsculating this with the NBN? What are the SLAs around it?


Now after some reading on here and on whirlpool it seems that this is a common theme/problem and could be months before it is resolved.


Is there any way i can get any details from the NBN to validate where my activation is at? And when they are going supposidly going to activate the service?


Whats the process to get this esculated? How do I raise it with Telstra and or the TIO?

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Re: NBN HFC Activation issues

Here's the link to raise a complaint:

I would recommend doing this before raising to TIO.

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Re: NBN HFC Activation issues

Thanks - I've spent the last two weeks following up with Testra, not one day did anyone from Telstra call me back.


I'm raising a complaint with Telstra and then the TIO.


This is a joke,

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