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NBN- Internet Connection

Dear Telstra, 


I have never regretted deciding to hook up to Telstra more than i have today. 


Wait times for help have been stupid for 4 days. '


I have connected my new router. My devices are connected to wifi but I cannot get internet. HELP ME! 


My NDT has no green light on any of the UNI point. 


I have done all the steps in the telstra guide. Rebooted both NDT and router. I have plugged into all the UNI ports also. 


please help ASAP

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Re: NBN- Internet Connection

I have now been on wait to 1800 TFIBRE for 25min after 1Hr thursday night. No HELP Telstra.
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Re: NBN- Internet Connection

Happening to me to. I am told that you need to contact activation team.

This was done once for me and they only connected the phone not Internet.
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Re: NBN- Internet Connection

Oh and the the activation team don't work on weekends

I have a phone call booked for Monday. If this action does not work I wonder how they can offer services. Surely this is something the telecommunications ombudsman can review. At least that way some of the executive may have to listen to customers. B
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Re: NBN- Internet Connection

Try going onto Telstra Gateway (http://mygateway/)  and check ENABLE on your 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz WIFI.  That should cause the WIFI to work as it did for me as I stumbled upon the solution.  My WIFI went down last evening and no light on the WIFI was lit.


Hopefully it works for you.


Good luck.

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