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NBN Node/Pillar Damaged by car crash in Albion Park Rail - no internet/phone for 5 days

I contacted Telstra support on Friday 4/1/19 after my NBN internet/home phone stopped working overnight. Turns out a car crashed into the NBN node/pillar (not sure of the technical name) at the end of the street, knocked it over, exposing the wires and no one in my neighborhood has internet/phone because of it. (Albion Park Rail NSW, 2527) 

Telstra sent a technician out Friday afternoon to make safe the area as there were exposed wires etc. but this wasn't to repair the connection and there has been no movement since then to get NBN up and running again since then. 

I rang Telstra yesterday to hopefully get a timeframe for reconnection but there were no updates on the issue since the technician on Friday reported the wires were now not exposed.

Has this issue happened to anyone else before and what type of timeframe was it until your services were restored? Unfortunately, I don't see this being an unusual occurrence, cars running into the grey pillars, but I am unsure if I should be doing anything else to get things happening quicker. I run my small business from home and am relying on hotspotting my mobile data to use the internet.

Thanks in advance!

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: NBN Node/Pillar Damaged by car crash in Albion Park Rail - no internet/phone for 5 days

It depends on NBN Co when the connection pillar gets fixed? There is nothing more you can do to get this fixed sooner. You can request a credit for time internet was not available and also that phone calls be diverted to your mobile at no cost to you. If you have a Telstra mobile phone or mobile broadband modem could request that extra data be added to your phone account.

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