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NBN Order Disaster - Existing Telstra Customer

On the 17th Jan 2020 I ordered an upgrade via: to NBN $75.00 bundle from my existing ADSL2+. The link clearly states 500Gb download and yet when I got confirmation of my order it stated 200Gb. When I contacted the support department (132200) I was told I could cancel the order and try again or wait until my connection was completed then advise the billing department to correct this issue. So, Telstra's fault however my problem! I thought that cancelling the order would only repeat the issue I have been through so I told them to continue with the order. I still find it questionable that my order was not corrected before delivery????


Next came the magic day when I was to be connected, the technician (I had agreed to pay $240.00 to Telstra for his help) and he informed me that while he would try to get my connection up, this ultimately failed because NBN had not connected my property (gated complex). Upon examination of the Telstra pit it was clear that two wires were not connected (just dangling in mid air).

I was advised by mail and also checked via the Telstra web site whether a NBN connection was available prior to placing my order and was assured I was ready to connect.

Seems I have to wait for the NBN people to fix their issue. For further information my friend in an adjoining townhouse was connected successfully a few days before I placed my order.

As a background, I am an IT Manager with some 20 years experience in a major finance corporation however I am now retired looking to enjoy my "golden years". If this customer experience had been allowed to happen in my time there would be some sackings in the air.

Telstra, please wake up to the misery you put your "valued" clients through! so far, about 4 hours of phone calls....I can nearly speak Hindi by now!!!!!!!


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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: NBN Order Disaster - Existing Telstra Customer

It sounds like the welcome email hasn't been updated, as yes, the $75 "Core" plan is 500GB.


As far as the NBN connection itself goes,  Telstra technicians can't legally touch the wires in the pit. It has to be done by NBN Co personnel.


NBN Co are also the ones who inform Telstra when service is available at an address, it's not a case of a signal being sent down the line to indicate this. 

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