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NBN Service Appalling

Finally at my wits end with the .....wits with no service.

Telstra were completing scheduled network upgrades in my area 9 days ago. Since that time, my modem has been stuck on backup.. First rang Telstra the day after it went off, was told by a girl that maintenance had been happening in the area and perhaps we should "wait" until that was finalised  It was finalised on the day they were doing it.

I rang again the next day, only to be told there was no maintenance happening and we ran through the usual tests. A techie was booked.  He arrived and said that he got connection via my line, so it was a fault in the modem.

I rang Telstra back to advise and it appears the techie had actually told Telstra that the modem was incompatible?????  Took time to convince them that I was still using the only modem I had which was the Telstra Gateway.  Then the consultant advised that the lines had gone down again for unscheduled maintenance, For 2 Days!! There was nothing we could do until that came back up again.  So I wait another 2 days and the lines finally come back up and my modem is still in backup mode.

Ring again, we run through all the tests again, the consultant advises that we have to organise a NBN tech to come again as there is a problem with the line.  Of course this can't be done for for another 2 days.

So I stay home and wait. NBN don't turn up at all and don't bother to ring, so when I contact Telstra, they tell me that a tech did go to the premises and couldn't fix the issue and had to organise a seperate techie to do this. No call to me and I was the one who had to re-organise the other techie, not them.  Great work NBN, I have no idea why you couldn't do the job, But on top of this, Im calling BS on the techie turning up. Home all day and no one turned up. Yes I understand they could have gone to the pit in the street and I wouldn't have seen that, but how stupid for them not to organise someone that could do the job!

So, another phone call to Telstra, (who by the way I feel sorry for by now as I'm rope-able)  So we organise the techie to come the following day and guess what?? Im still sitting here with no one turning up yet again and no phone call.

I have called Telstra yet again to advise, complain, whinge! The frustration is getting so real now!! Have been told to give him an extra half hour, they will call me back and let me know whats happening.

I'm now in a place that I have no idea what to do, except demand money off for the time I haven't had the speed I pay for. As for getting it fixed, I don't know that any of them can do this. Experience totally sucks


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Re: NBN Service Appalling

Well, me again. Have taken a few days away from the internet because I’ve just run out of patience. But on the last day I wrote, I was waiting for the invisible nbn tech to turn up. He didn’t and didn’t call again! What a surprise!

So the girl from Telstra advises me that nbn decided that they weren’t coming as it was a faulty modem?? And that they will send a replacement. Ok I think, let’s try that. Another 3 to 5 days and we can confirm if it’s the modem or not.....

Then the phone call comes that we are sorry, there are none in the country and it will probably be more like 10 to 15 days! So still I sit here paying for a service I don’t have. If it was a dog, you’d put it down!!!


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Level 16: Special Agent

Re: NBN Service Appalling

Disappointing to read that the remediation processes are not working as expected. Whilst waiting for delivery of your replacement modem and to get you connected quickly, you may wish to consider buying a new/unused Telstra Smart Modem on Gumtree - I have seen them at $30. Handy to have a spare one in case of future problems.

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