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NBN Speed

I'm in Darling Heights Toowoomba, for the past 6 days I have experienced slow speeds    2.4 - 3.7 Mbsp download & 14.2 - 17.4 Mbsp upload, normally 22.5 Mbsp download & 15 Mbsp upload . There is no reported outages any recommendations?

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Re: NBN Speed

Id recommend calling Telstra's NBN faults team on 1800 834 273
I personally use NBN FTTP 100/40 on the Smart Modem Gen 2 with Smart Home and the Telstra TV 2
On the go and at home my Mobile connects to Telstras 4G network.

I am a Telstra Employee working for Telstra Platinum in Consumer, Small Business & Smart Home

I'm not here in an official capacity. My opinions are my own and not that of Telstra's.

For official support, start a secure chat here or you can raise a complaint here.

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