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NBN Static ip issue

I switched to Telstra for NBN, mainly to for better service and secondly for second IP, that is already in the plan and I have got the exact IP that is assigned in an email as well. However I am constantly getting different IP address, tried reboot several times but no luck.


Telstra will only troubleshoot why static ip is not assigned by their end if I pay for the premium service. 


There are so many other users complaining about the same thing. Telstra complaint is logged but so far no one has bothered. I think Telstra is trying to squeeze the extra dollar from customers for troubleshooting their own issues or from customers who don't understand.


No idea what to do.. I certainly don't want to pay "Premium" support as I believe that service setup is their responsibility, especially for things they need to sort on their side.

Can anyone suggest any option?

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: NBN Static ip issue

Is your order shown as complete. It some times takes several days for the static address to be assigned. If you use the services of a platinum Technician and the problem is found to be due a fault in Telstra equipment or incorrect settings on your connection the fee should be waived.

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