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NBN connection

We have had an NBN connection for 18 months or so. When it was first installed we had many problems with the strength of signal getting to the house, with many dropouts. We had technicians come multiple times and the issue was eventually resolved. Recently we have had a new nbn device installed as an upgrade and we have started having issues again. I contacted Telstra and our Telstra modem was upgraded to a smart modem to protect us from dropouts. Since then we have had issues with connection - some apps hunch as the apple store won’t load on my phone, Netflix won’t load on our Telstra tv, and there’s plenty more. I have just changed the Telstra modem back to our old one and the problems are still there. Sometimes everything works just fine but most of the time not. I tried Telstra support but was told the problem could be looked at as a paid service which I am adamant I am not going to do. Who do I need to get to look at this - Telstra or NBN?

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Re: NBN connection

What type of NBN connection do you have and whats your modems model number?
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