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NBN not connected over a month after purchasing plan?

So basically as the title said, on November 17th i purchased an NBN plan for my apartment which has a FTTP box already installed (however its the first time it would have been used as I am the first tenant in said apartment). So my expected connection date was on 19th of November however over the course of the last month, I've been told that I'm in the provisioning stage and I will be connected on the 27th of december (which didn't happen). The online chat support has tried to run me through troubleshooting a million times to no success. I have no idea what's going on with my internet and apparently neither does telstra support as its been me and them running in circles constantly for weeks. Another note, my 4g backup internet stopped working after 2 weeks of usage so now I'm burning through my data like its a firestarter. Any advice?

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Re: NBN not connected over a month after purchasing plan?

You can consider lodging a complaint 

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Re: NBN not connected over a month after purchasing plan?

Supply and demand. When it comes to NBN Telstra are no different to any other of the many suppliers. It's only the Telco service that differs and in your case it seems their service is lacking. Have you thought of trying one of the other ISP's? Make sure you have an open plan so that you can switch when the service is lacking.

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Re: NBN not connected over a month after purchasing plan?

What are the lights on your NBN NTD doing? Have you tried plugging your modem into D2, D3 or D4 to make sure that NBN Co haven't provisioned a port other than D1?

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