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NBN outage at North Bondi since 2:00pm 13th may 2019

My NBN HFC broadband internet and Foxtel service has been down since 2:00pm today the 13th May 2019.

I have checked with my neighbour and he has the same problem with Foxtel/Internet down but he is still on the Telstra HFC Network and not on the NBN.

The Telstra outage page confirms there is an outage but no expected timeframe to fix this problem.

What is going on ?

I cannot understand what is happening with the network.

I have been a Telstra HFC cable and Foxtel customer for over 5 years at this address and have had stability, high speed and rare outages.

Since December last year the Telstra HFC service has had continuous network dropouts and weekly outages.

I switched to the NBN on the 8th March 2019 hoping this would give stability but the network dropouts and outages continued on the NBN.

I only recently had stability from the 24th April 2019 with no network dropouts, reasonable speeds and Foxtel working fine until today.

What are the NBN and Telstra technicians doing to the exchange and nodes ?

This is ridiculous. Can they not plan any changes to the network without bringing down the service for customers ?

Have all the intelligent network engineers moved onto other companies and only the monkeys are left in NBN. Do any of them have IT degrees and understand networking.

It is so simple to create redundancy in hardware and have rollover or backup plans when things go wrong. Network monitoring tools should highlight the problem and the right people should be assigned to the problem promptly.

I had 3 different NBN technicians come to my property to check the junction box, pit outside my house and the cables and signal strength. In all cases they were fine and I stressed the problem was upstream and not a problem with my house connection.

The communication between Telstra and NBN was awful. I would log the problem with Telstra who then escalate to NBN, which automatically sets up a technician visit to my house and then I would set aside 4 hours to be at home for their visit. To top this off, sometimes the appointment would be cancelled and I would not be notified.

I would then spend another 30-40 minutes on the phone trying to get through to someone in technical support who I would explain everything again and restart the same process again.

So much of my personal time wasted and still feel everyday is a lottery with the stability of the network.

Get your act together NBN and Telstra because as soon as another high speed internet option is available I am outa here.


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Re: NBN outage at North Bondi since 2:00pm 13th may 2019

That’s the point isn’t it? We can’t switch to a different provider. By creating the NBN, we’ve essentially re-nationalised our telecommunications. We have form for regulating to protect this monopoly. I would expect that if we ever did get a viable NBN alternative, it would quickly get stomped on.

Please don’t aim for my head.
Support Team
Support Team

Re: NBN outage at North Bondi since 2:00pm 13th may 2019

Hi LosingPatience3, 


Appreciate the concern with your NBN service being affected by a network interruption. The NBN Co will update Telstra with an estimated restore time which will be listed on the outage tool here: once known. 


If you don't have a Smart Modem with 4G backup, our Tech Support team on 1800834273 (say fault) or via secure Live Chat here: can look into an escalation for one for you, as well as interim data to be added to a Telstra mobile service if you have one. 


Once the issue is resolved you can request a credit for service downtime via the My Account or the 24/7 App, instructions on how to do this can be found here

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