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NBN outage, static IP gone!



After an outage in Stanmore on the 17th of January, I lost the static IP address I am paying for. I am now getting a different one, and restarting the modem or NBN box - of course - doesn't cut it.


I have spoken several times to incompetent teams who tell me to change the IP on my computer (for a public static IP yes, you read that right).


I have removed the static IP from my account and requested a new one,  got confirmation, got the IP, but the DHCP server from the NBN co is not giving it to me (I even appear to be on a different subnet than the one I should be getting).


Has anyone experienced the issue? There is nothing that I can do from my end, but Telstra and the NBN don't even understand the problem...


Thanks for your help

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Technical Support
Technical Support

Re: NBN outage, static IP gone!

If your service is not being assigned the appropriate Static IP, this would indicate that you may be using the mobile broadband back-up if you have a Telstra Frontier modem or you are not connected through your service.

When you are contacted Tech Support, did they test your service or just discuss the static IP component.

What is the first three segments of the IP range that you are seeing?

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