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NBN speed cut in half after line maintenance

Hi all, I have this on going problem and i am not getting any answerers or resolutions.

We have been connected to NBN since April 2016 and been having a solid 46-50Mbp/s download speeds and 18Mpb/s upload speeds. Now 3 weeks ago we noticed 6 or 7 NBN vans in the street doing work, they had multiple pits open (in the rain) and our connection was interrupted for 9 hours. The next day they started work down in our pit (down the bottom of the driveway) again also in the rain, The connection was interrupted off and on for a couple of hours then as the technician in the pit was leaving the connection come back on and that's when the trouble started. We had constant drop outs and the speed permanently dropped to a max of 20Mbp/s and upload of 6Mbp/s. Telstra gave us the new modem.. did not do anything to change the issue and they put us on the stability profile which helped a little with drop outs (still drops out multiple times a day) But the speed was still un changed. My Telstra case manager escalates the issue to NBN and each time they come back with the usual "there is nothing wrong and that's the best speed you can get"  Telstra rejects their resolution and escalates it again and NBN keep coming back with the same answer! I have put a complaint into NBN myself and have also done the TIO complaint. How hard is it to get a NBN technician to fix the problem that they caused? I am beyond annoyed as i actually logged down the modems max line speed last year and it was 64Mbps and now it's 20Mbps. How can this happen? 

I also noticed land surveyors around where the NBN was doing their work in our street.. so any idea what they have done? 


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Re: NBN speed cut in half after line maintenance

There could be alot of things, such as corrosion and other damage to your connection. As NBN from what you've said cant see a problem and you've raised a complaint to the TIO, the only option is to wait for the TIO to get start working on your case.
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Re: NBN speed cut in half after line maintenance

OK thanks, It's just beyond annoying. As it is now the modem is constantly connecting to the mobile network (incredibly slow) because the DSL connection drops out. It's funny i even had a telstra technician tell me the only success they have had getting NBN to fix something is by tricking them into thinking your connection was down and maybe that will make them send someone out. Seems NBN couldn't care less about speed or drop outs.

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