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NBN speed is awful

Ok, just signed up with Telstra. I was with Optus and running speeds of 96mbps. I canceled Optus and plugged in new Telstra mobile (smart gen 2). Speeds are awful. Less than 1mbps connected through WAN, even worse on "4g" backup. Online support ran through the usual rubbish, and are now telling me that a technician needs to come round.


why has my speed gone from 96mpbs to being a ‘faulty line’ within an hour?

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: NBN speed is awful

What type of connection do you have? If it is FTTN/B could you post the DSL stats whic Ariel located hear. > Advanced > Broadband > DSL stats

Default login Id is admin and password either Telstra or Telstra

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