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NBN unable to use Telstra cable lead in for HFC connection

We live in a townhouse on a corner subdivided block of land built in the last 7 yearsand are connected with Telstra cable internet.


We signed up toTelstra nbn as our address showed it was ready to connect using HFC .  There is no NBN utility box installed as yet, where our Telstra cable boxes are.


Telstra arranged for an NBN contractor who came and then said the lead in cable underground conduit has been connected to the wrong Telstra pit and should have been connected to another pit, further from the current cable boxes.  So now I’m told NBN have to come and install another conduit from the “correct” pit which means digging up the garden and potentially wrecking the concrete private footpath.


Originally when we signed up with Telstra cable they just added a tap to access the current pit to which the lead in conduit runs so we could get connected to cable internet.


My questions are,

1 Does Telstra keep a map record of the lead in conduits that have been laid from the pit to our townhouse?  


2. Why can’t the current functioning lead in conduit be used for the NBN utility box?  It is closer to my house, already laid in, and running Telstra cable already to this supposed “wrong pit”


3. To whom (Telstra or NBN given the latter are wholesalers) do I raise this concern, as I do not wish to have unnecessary works done to my property with potential for damage, if there is already infrastructure laid.



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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: NBN unable to use Telstra cable lead in for HFC connection

All infrastructure connections are the responsibility of NBN Co. You could raise your concerns directly with them, but the usual response is to direct you to your RSP, who have no control over how your property gets physically connected.
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