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NBN wants to install HFC lead in - but I already have Telstra lead in

Hi all,


In short, I already have functional Telstra HFC (aerial), new lead in less than 12 months old;  NBN has identified me for a HFC lead in installation.  Has anyone had this experience and how do I get them to leave my house/land alone (and have NBN work when I eventually am forced to convert).


What I understand has happened:

* I demolished and rebuilt a house

* At some point during this, NBN surveyed the area and identified that the non-house needed a HFC lead in.

* I ordered and had new Telstra Cable HFC installed.  There is a lead-in, box on the inside of the garage and a cable inside the house where I connect my modem).

* NBN sent me the letter saying they would come and install lead in and box outside the house.

* I called them and told them I already had Telstra HFC.  They still want to come and verify this on the ground.  I have been given the option to "defer" until NBN plans are ready for order and to arrange this via my new retailer?


Should I just tell them to defer and not worry about it for ~2 years or can/will something go wrong and how can I mitigate that?


Thank you.

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Level 22: Superhuman

Re: NBN wants to install HFC lead in - but I already have Telstra lead in

If you have a working hfc connection, someone will just come out, tick a box and leave. Id personally get it sorted sooner rather than later.
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