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          My internet drops out every year at the same time and i have to go through a multi day process to get it fixed.

i am 7.5 km away from the xchange and i get speeds of   >5mbits/s, as i run a home server this is not acceptable.


There is NBN in my area and most of my neighbours are connected, but i cannot get NBN, i've rung up telstra multiple times and queried about it but they always say that its not ready?


I was riding past my NBN hub and there was a technician inside of it and it looked like there was only two splitters in the hub leaving out my streets connection?


Will this ever get solved as i am in a brand new estate and tesltra wont do anything about it and no one probably knows that they left a splitter out.


Is there any way to resolve this with telstra and add another splitter because the line goes right past my house and my house is installed with an NBN box along with a fibre connection from the footpath and in my house? I also have fibre within my house


The hub has all the connections already with my houses connection but they have just not connected it up within the hub.



Regards, FORBES Lachlan

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Level 24: Supreme Being


NBN is owned by the NBN Co which is a part of the federal government. Telstra have no ability to do anything to the NBN network. They, like all RSPs, can only go on NBN Co and their information...

Until they list your house as Ready For Service, an order cannot be placed and that is done when they feel like it. You can check your address against their list and even register for alerts here:
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Previously worked with a Telstra Partner however I am not a Telstra Employee, just a fellow customer helping when I can.

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