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My name is Michael and I am get quotes to have done by a electrician/cables to install 10 lines of cat5e cable to use than for phone/fax/data/home alarm. I want all of these 10 cat5e cable all going to a sealed from all whether galvernised tool box that is attached to a brick chimney and is housing at the moment a irrigation control unit on the left side a garden lighting transformer in the middle and on the right is where I want all the 10 cat5e cable to be connect to Telstras copper main line coming in. It has a outdoor power point installed inside box.

Now when the NBN comes thru I want the PCD to be installed on brick chimney beside tool box and I want the NTD to be installed in the galvernised tool box were all the 10 cat5e cable are located. I don't want the battery charger pack either.

I have not room for the NTB inside house and it is a eye saw with all those cables. I don't want wifi as I don't like it.

Will this be a problem as I dont want to pay a tradie to do work now and then find out when the NBN comes I have to change wiring.

Is it possible to have a Telstra NBN installer come aout and inspect job site

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This is not a question that we can answer. Telstra is not designing or rolling out the NBN, this is being done by a completely separate company (NBN Co.) and you would be best directing this question to them.

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To add to DanK's answer:

Just so you're aware the copper will be completely disconnected when your NBN is installed, there is no way around this.

If you don't want a backup battery (which is free of charge and internal to an essential NBN component) you can state as such when signing up for NBN.

Your PSU and NTD boxes for the NBN need to be installed inside the house somewhere, whether it be a car port or wherever, when NBN comes to install it you can specify where you would like it and NBN will attempt to comply while keeping within their installation standards (maximum internal cabling lengths etc.) Again, it needs to be inside (Under a roof, safe from weather elements, 4 walls around it)

So to reiterate what DanK said, with the exception of not wanting a backup battery these discussions are 100% between you and NBNco. Details for contacting them can be found here - https://www1.nbnco.com.au/online_channel/contact_us




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