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Hi ,. Why is it that the NBN plans ,are more expensive and slower , than the plan I have now , cable 100mb/s , 200GB ,$60p/m

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Level 25: The Singularity


Generally because of the pricing structure that NBN Co uses for access to their network.

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Because Telstra (and like all other providers) are only a NBN reseller.
Whats worse, is that unless Telstra provision enough circuits at the local exchange to connect to the NBN network.. you are now sharing the load with everyone else.

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Level 14: Field Agent


Hi - I have been with Telstra HFC Cable ever since it was available on a Telstra Home Bundle M Plan with Ultimate Speed Boost which includes a telephone line service with free local,  capped national calls and discounted ISD calls. It is currently being charged at $100 per month (discounted down by $10 a month due to free upgrade to 50 Mbps to 100 Mbps) , so for me, Telstra NBN rates are comparable to existing rates. You are provided with a land line service on NBN whether you use it or not, handy for people who still have high dependency for telephone call connection to their families. 

Level 14: Field Agent Mkrtich
Level 14: Field Agent


To eliminate any confusion caused by my comments, the free upgrade from 50 Mbps to 100 Mbps mentioned above was for customers who have 50 Mbps HFC plans in place - they were upgraded to 100 Mbps as a form of compensation for the delays encountered by Telstra in rolling out their connections to the NBN HFC. The speed upgrade gets removed when the 50 Mbps NBN service is installed. To acknowledge existing 100 Mbps customers who pay a premium for their service, Telstra provided a temporary discount to provide near to parity arrangement which also disappears when the NBN HFC service is installed. 


Another saving for customers is that all calls to local, national and mobile numbers are free on Telstra NBN plans.

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