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Nbn not working Telstra put me on hold over 1hour

I am so angry. We have been without land-line and internet for a week now. Everytime you ring Telstra you are on hold for at least twenty minutes. They arranged for a tech to come to my house this morning. Sometime between 8-noon. I explained I work full time 7:30-5:30 everyday can't waist four hours can you make my appointment first up. No they have no control over the time slot. But she did put in that I have tobe at work by 11. So she said they should be here by 10. She also would ring me the day before to confirm. I Got no phone call yesterday although I did try ringing twice but wait lines were to long. So I decided to take the punt that the red would arrive as promised today. Sitting at home this morning, I thought maybe I should ring to verify the tech was coming. At 8:15 I got on the phone no message to say how long cue was. After listening to hold music for half an hour, the music cut out. Ten minutes later I was disconnected. So I rang back. This time I got a message to say call wait was twenty minutes. That was over an hour and a quarter ago. I am still on hold and still no tech. Please let me know if I am waiting my time. This is ridiculous! Do they not think we have a job to go to. I am thinking seriously about changing from Telstra!

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Telstra (Retired)

Re: Nbn not working Telstra put me on hold over 1hour

My apologies for the poor experience, it certainly isn't the level of service we want to be providing for our customers. Where you able to get this sorted out yesterday?

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Level 19: Deputy Director

Re: Nbn not working Telstra put me on hold over 1hour

I've been lucky that way, tech has arrived as promised on six occasions. My problem was with the call centre staff who kept insisting I did NOT have a problem!

In case it is of any help, what kind of connection do you have? What modem. What are the light colours, eg: WAN - green
Have you tried 1800834273 to speak with Telstra's NBN assurance team to raise a fault or contact them via LiveChat here. Is it possible there is an area outage?
It could well be if you are anywhere near a cyclone area in Qld.
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Re: Nbn not working Telstra put me on hold over 1hour

At around 10:30 am a tech showed up (coincidently a the same time that Telstra took me off hold?) the Tech ran some tests and told me the line is damaged under ground. He will put in notes I need a civil team to dig and replace line but I have to ring Telstra to get appointment. Again waiting an 1hr & 1/2 on hold finally I get an appointment for civil team for today 8am to noon . I told them the first tech said it was not important for me to be there as all work required was out side the house but gave him my number if they needed me I could be there in 15 minutes. When I hadn't heard anything I rang Telstra. They told me Civil team had been out and all was needed was a factory reset, they would talke through when I get home. But while talking to her one of the tests she was performing came back saying there is a problem with the line. Finally she admitted that therr was no report from the civil team and maybe they are running late. They should be there today or tomorrow? I asked if she could confirm when they will be here and she said there is no way to contact them! I find this is very bizarre and such bad service. I am so frustrated!
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Re: Nbn not working Telstra put me on hold over 1hour

I feel your pain!
I have had a similar problem today . I had to spend 2 hrs on the phone due to a promised return call that didn't happen 2 days ago . They have told me that they have put a booster on my line but my internet is still all over the place. I reminded them that i worked for a water authority and we could never treat our customers like that - they just didn't care. now all my phone data is over and its costing me at least an extra $30 a day
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Re: Nbn not working Telstra put me on hold over 1hour

Yes, that's my experience too with Telstra Support


21 hours and counting on tech support calls sice Oct 4, 2017 when we moved to this house and NBN was 'provided'.

We used to suffer the typical congestion issues - good spped in the morning, mediocre but usable around midday, then stuffed after 4pm - email would work, but browsing and netflix etc are unwatchable.

This pattern has got worse, to the point that the site will not complete a test.  While we, intermittently, do get usable speed, there is no consistency or reliability.


Two tech visits - never arrived!

We have variously been told by Telstra this is due to

- Congestion, no resolution date planned

- weather

- Its NBN's problem

- faulty Telstra modem (although the replacement box didn't make any difference....)

- We need to provide more speedtest results. Yet - when the speedtest fails while on-line with them, these details are never recorded

- the NBN modem has poor signal (yet there are 3 out of 3 signal strength lights on, in the Fixed Wireless modem)


And about 3 permuations on the above "reasons"

The disappointing thing is that probably, almost certainly, the issue is congestion so all the other 'causes' and promises of tech visits and call backs were lies, told on behalf of Telstra's so-called support team.






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Re: Nbn not working Telstra put me on hold over 1hour

Worse customer service EVER! Still waiting to have a new line put in from house to the node. My first appointment was last Friday 8:to12 when no one contacts me, I call. Yet another hour long wait for someone to answer the phone. Sorry this time is indicative could be this afternoon or even tomorrow. Yes Saturday! I rang back that night to confirm. Sorry we have new appointment for this Wednesday 8to 12. I am sorry I can see you have been without service for almost a month. I will get the complaints manager to call you Monday or Tuesday. It is now Wednesday afternoon still no visit to fix my line and still no call from complaints manager? After yet another hour on the phone I am waiting for them to get back to me with next appointment.
Has anyone tried charging Telstra or NBN for the time they waste both your own time and that of the company you work for? It might make an interesting CLASS ACTION!
BTW don't be fooled by computer voice telling you she will ring back. I tried that night and live everything else of this company was experiencing technical difficulties! and waited another hour of my time!
Level 19: Deputy Director
Level 19: Deputy Director

Re: Nbn not working Telstra put me on hold over 1hour

I can understand your anger. What number were you calling? Australia or Overseas? Especially if you are working and may not be able to call from work.
I ended up buying cordless speaker phones due to the wait times not just on Telstra but just about any business you call these days. At least that way you have a hope of doing something else while waiting.
I haven't gone through the NBN drama. Is there anyone close relative such as a retired parent or neighbour who could let them in when they arrive? If they need access to the house phone.
However if you have ever tried to schedule appointments it is difficult as often they don't know till they get there how involved a problem could turn out to be. One delay on a job can throw the rest of the day out. If I ever get in to see a dentist or doctor on time I think I would faint!
Nowadays it is hard to even get an optometrist to provide what you ask for in terms of getting the right prescription for your needs. And I am very clear about what I'm asking for as well. Several bad experiences with mechanics, plumbers. I ended up doing a plumbing job myself after one stuffed up fixing a leaky pipe, TWICE!
In any case I wish you luck in getting it sorted.

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